Friday, December 14, 2012

"I Remember" by Forrest Gump

I remember jumping off of the boxes in our living room while dressed as a red power ranger and activating my cool power rangers wristband. I remember my Dad and I using a cardboard box as our breakfast table for our last meal ever before we left Florida. My Dad had made pancakes and we both managed to share the box and finish them up. I remember gathering up all of our things and putting them on the U-Haul and then going to the airport to board the plane. I remember waving goodbye as I said all of my friend's names just as the plane took off to fly over to Davis, West Virginia.

I remember learning how to golf and ski in West Virginia. I remember my first snow. I remember my first blizzard, the snow was taller than me. I remember gathering sticks and knocking down branches to gather wood for the fire place. I remember my friend had ruined all of my Play-Doh because he left the drawer open. I remember having to wash my hands and take off my shoes after immediately entering my grandmother's house every single time.  I remember driving my little red Jeep around the house so many times that I started making tracks in an oval shape around the house. I remember the three huge turkeys that landed on our driveway on the day of Thanksgiving. I remember going to New York, New Mexico, and Connecticut to visit my family.

I remember getting into my first car accident, and hopefully my last. I remember feeling helpless and despair. I remember not knowing what to do at first because I was stunned. I remember the feeling of my heart beat rapidly and all of my senses kick in and intensify. I remember the extreme sense of anger when I thought that things were just not right and just not fair at all. I remember the sense of confusion and the urge to say that you made a huge mistake, what are you doing. I remember the horrible realization that I had to come to thinking I am going to her car and I need to do something about this. I remember feeling helpless when the insurance company claimed my car was totaled and beyond repair. I remember... 

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