Thursday, February 13, 2014

"The Chemicals React: A Chemistry Love Poem" by Victoria Lemmings

To My Dearest,

Today in Chem class,
I noticed we have some Chemistry of our own.

I think you must be a charged molecule
Because I’ve got my ion you.

Baby, if I could rearrange the period table,
I’d put Uranium and Iodine together.

You must be a carbon-12 sample,
Because I really want to date you.

I think you must be full of Beryllium,
Gold, and Titanium
Because you are quite Be-Au-Ti-ful.

We go together better than
hydrogen and oxygen,
sodium and chlorine,
carbon and oxygen.

Honey, you are the nucleus of my world,
The focus of all my thoughts,
The positively charged center of my happiness.

If our love was an acid,
It would be a strong acid.
And our romance would never dissociate.

Our attraction is stronger than the dipole-dipole forces,
Displayed in the hydrogen bonding of water.

If our love was a chemical bond,
It would exhibit the strength of the
Triple bonds in diatomic nitrogen.

I’m as positive as a proton
That we were meant to be.

Beryllium(Be) mine?

Love always,

Victoria Lemmings

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