"Moses of the Ant World" by Phosphorescent

I recall it being a humid summer morning. The afternoon was dedicated to cleaning the backyard before our relatives came for a get together. It felt like a middle-eastern fourth of July. My mom was prepping the marinated Tandoori chicken legs to be barbequed for the event, while my dad trimmed the lawn with the precision of a barber. It was essential that everything was prepared to the high Pakistani standards that are nationally set. The best way I could describe these standards would be to compare them to that one aunt everyone has; the one that spends all their time criticizing the choice of decor and highlighting mistakes instead of enjoying the event.
While my parents were drawn into this vacuum of chores, I decided to bag up the grass my dad had slashed through. As I picked up green strands, of what felt like silk, I saw a small hole in the ground. The hole was encompassed in a peak of sand. It was a dormant volcano waiting to erupt. I crouched down to examine the small mountain…

"Mediocrity" by Autumn Ezra

The Costco Essay. Something that has haunted me since the moment my eyes first flew across the words on a pixelated computer screen. How could someone write with such grace and beauty about something so secular and trivial? After a discussion in class about how great the piece was, I removed myself. I was feeling and that meant that I needed to take some time and write alone. The coolness of the floor pressed against my legs through my leggings as I sat in the hallway. This feeling of frustration without any way to let it out was one that I had felt many times before, writer's block. I crossed and uncrossed my legs, fiddled with my earring, tucked my hair behind my ear each time it into my face, struggling to find out what to write. Feeling a warmth enter my cheeks I knew that my emotions, and by that I mean oceans, were about to flow.
The tears pooled in my lower eyelid and I felt one escape and roll down my cheeks, it almost sizzled as it journeyed from the bags under my eyes to…

"Car Rides With Bonnie and Clyde" by Ella Wade

     I rushed outside. I heard the clattering of my keys as they hit my leg with each long stride I took. Beside me was my sister and my best friend, Kate, they too were walking with purpose as we stepped off the curb and into the chaos that is the after-school parking lot. We stayed close and were observant of our surroundings given the fact that we were walking through a lot full of inexperienced, impulsive student drivers. The day was chilly and we continued on as the strong wind pushed against us. The asphalt painted numbers ticked upward as we neared our parking spot. I pointed my keys in the direction of my car and pressed the unlock button twice. The familiar honk sounded that meant that both doors were unlocked, and we finally reached the car that was our escape from the wind. My sister paused at the trunk long enough to drop off her guitar before rushing to the passenger seat, and we all let out similar signs of relief as I turned on the hot air and we defrosted. Looking into…

"Woods" by Joffrey

The cool air flows pastI certainly don’t want to finish lastEverywhere I look I see greenThe only light are the beams in betweenThe squirrels scurry aboutIf you make a noise you will surely be a loutThe branches reach out to each otherThe rain drains down the gutterThe trees rise like skyscrapers Off in the distance I can hear the lawn mowersI hate the feeling of being aloneIt radiates down in my bonesI watch the black birds fly by And see them loop up in the skySometimes I feel mad at lifeNobody knows my strife I know how I can make it right But I just can’t seem to find the lightThe pavement wants to go on foreverBut in the woods it finally seversThe shadows on the ground play tricksThe sun above takes its licksI never want to leave this placeI love the leaves and all their graceThe petals float like kitesThe thorns flex their ferocious bite

"The Golden Plastic Watch" by Iris & Anton

When I was just a little girl, the biggest treat I could get was when my dad would take me to McDonalds. We would go maybe once a month, just a daddy-daughter lunch. It was such a special occasion because my father often worked late hours or went away on business trips for weeks on end. Whenever we went to McDonald’s together, it would give me the much overdue opportunity to tousle his hair, teach him all the games that I had learned at school, and, best of all, I could marvel over the golden wristwatch that he would wear. When at McDonald’s, I would always joyously yell “Happy Meal!” when asked what I wanted to order, and I would always rush to look inside of the small red box when my number was called. Why was this so exciting to me, you may ask? It was because there was honestly nothing more exciting than the magical toys that I would receive in my happy meal. Even if they were just cheap, plastic toys, it felt as if Santa had come early. After all, what child would turn down a cha…

"The Breakup" by Layla Henry

“Can we talk?”The three words everybody knows the meaning behind.The end, the finale, the breakup.You expected it would happen, but not this soon. It crept up on you, like a monster in the night, shocking you to the core.You thought you had more time, until he slipped through your fingers.Was there more you could have done? Was he lying to you? Was it all your fault?These questions swirl through your mind like a hurricane.He wants to be friends. You blindly accept, grasping for a last attempt to have him in your life.It’s harder than you thought.You know it’s what’s best for him.You try and remember that it’s what’s best for you too.It’s harder than you thought. One moment everything is fine, the next you’re crying into your pillow.Why can’t you just get over it?It’s simply not that easy. You try to keep your mind and your schedule full, but the thoughts, the questions, always manage to squeeze their way back in.Your friends try and tell you there was nothing you could have done.You k…

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