Friday, September 26, 2014

"Let Us Go, Then" by Leo

Let us go then, you and I,
Into my wonderful world full of lies.
Come see my many costumes and masks,
come hear of my peculiar task.
I am but a shadow to you all
most of you think of me as an oddball.
What you don’t know is that who I am everyday
Is not what’s in my DNA.
I live with a simple code.
“Others above, and me below
My sacrifice, their happiness”
This is my road.
This is the path that I choose.
This is the path where I lose.
Though I may lose, you yet stand to gain.
Even if I may be in pain.
Do not fret for I choose this path.
And will endure its neverending wrath.
This however is not a bother.
For every time it makes me stronger.
The highs and lows will come.
Something I can’t abstain from.
You will be happy and I will not.
This will happen a lot.
What you see is someone who hides.
What you see is someone who pretends.
I do this not for attention but so that I blend in.
I joke, I laugh, I talk, but ultimately its not for me.
Inside I am but a weak tired human being.
I am scared.
I am hurt.
and I am lost.
My mind is not what you expect.
It’s not all sex, drugs, and alcohol
It’s not all school, grades, or homework.
My mind is lost.
And I hope for the day when I find it.
Until that day I will continue to hide.
I will continue to stay in the shadows.
I will continue to blend in.

Because for now, it’s all I have.

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