Friday, December 12, 2014

"Some Things are Better Left Unsaid" by J.K. Rowling

It was 11:11 and I had made a dangerous wish. At the time, it seemed like a great idea to wish to be able to read people’s minds. However it turned out to be a terrible fate that I could never escape. To be honest, I never expected my wish to even come true. But there I was waking up the next morning with a strange new ability.

I was unaware of the changes that took place after I made that wish until I walked downstairs into my kitchen and heard my mother say she thought my hair could use a good brushing. This caught me by surprise because my mom wasn't usually one to comment on what I chose to wear, let alone bother to tell me she thinks my hair is messy. I replied by saying it was curly and that would only make it frizzier. My mom then proceeded to apologize for she had not realized she had spoken aloud. As soon as my mom said that, a light bulb went off in my head. Walking out the door to my car to drive to school, I had a big smile on face. My wish actually came true! I couldn’t wait to go to school and test out my new ability.

            Coming home 7 hours later, I was practically in tears and running for the safety and solitude of my room. Hearing people’s thoughts is not all that its cracked up to be. I was constantly hearing that I shouldn’t wear my jewelry, I don’t know how to put on my make up, and my jokes aren’t funny. It amazed me how people thought I was boring to talk to, yet they’re standing there smiling and nodding their head like their interested. I realized that people critique your every move and I was better off before when I was unable to hear people’s negative thoughts.  Unfortunately I’m stuck with this “power’ for the rest of my life. This experience taught me to be careful what you wish for, but mostly that some things are better left unsaid.

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