Friday, March 20, 2015

"The Heart of Winter" by Catfish

We were the first snow. We saw it all coming into place beside ourselves and recognizing each other's fragile beauty, we fell down together. Somehow being both graceful and awkward, you were unique. And me, with my slipping slickness, trying so desperately hard to be cool, I found my snow angel. Together we were pure, not dirtied by past romances, we were evergreen. This chastity though, also meant that we had a fair amount to learn when it came to being with each other. Sometimes we were unintentionally mean, like shards of an icicle, frigid and jabbing at our sides. At other points, we took it too fast and we rolled into an avalanche, where we were temporarily flurried apart. We then had to trudge our way back north, through a slush that changed our temperatures, but only for a moment as we soon found our frosted hearts again. Blanketed, under sheets of ice, we sparkled. Creating a prism that onlookers would hail, we briskly skated through our time together, but as the seasons changed, we inevitably would melt. You’ll forever stay frozen in my memories though, a wintry remembrance of the virgin snow.

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