Thursday, June 8, 2017

"The Chilling Reality of Cold Showers" by John Doe

Cold showers are almost universally disliked. I, however, really enjoy them. There is something fulfilling about conquering the cold and defeating mental barriers that hinder me in daily life. While others cower at the mere idea of submerging their body in icy water, I embrace it. The cold has become my friend. Every slight movement is another new sensation, a new experience that my mind and body alike crave.

The icy cascade casts itself onto me. The tendrils of water, slicing into my skin, are beyond unnerving. And yet, I remain steadfast. Why? Because they are incredible! It’s meditative, really. Each heartbeat, each second, is pure ecstasy. Somehow, I yearn for more. After a few minutes, the level of cold I attained was arbitrary. I must crank the knob farther to the left, farther and farther, until I cannot stand it. That is the true point of achievement: becoming champion of mind, body, and soul.

Peace of mind is the greatest benefit attributed to cold showers. It allows me to think clearly in an otherwise mentally cloudedenvironment. Just as many people go to their “happy place” to focus or hone their skills, my place of leisure is beneath the cold cascades.  

But, my ego and mind overcome me sometimes. Some days I am lazy. Some days I just want to enjoy a scalding hot shower. Everyone has off days. Mine means a hot shower. At the same time, perhaps I beat myself up for it. But, there comes a point where I must fess up and, lame man's terms, “man up” to crank the water to the dreaded cold end.

For as much as I enjoy cold showers, I honestly have my prejudices for them. They’re excruciating to start with. Stepping into the shower and full blasting the cold water is beyond painful. More often than not, I prefer to start hot and work my way down.

But where is the fun in that?

Mentally keeping score, it is exponentially more satisfying to jump out knowing it was cold the whole time than to ween myself off of the comfort of hot water.  Perhaps it is the satisfaction that keeps me returning to the dreaded cold, once more facing it in the field of mental battle.

Each time I successfully take a cold shower, I win a battle. But the war wages onward.

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