Friday, March 8, 2013

"While Once on a Sunny Walk in June" by October Sky

While once on a sunny walk in June I saw a gigantic tree.
At its base I could barely see a shiny figurine.
When I picked it up I could tell that it had seen many a day
So I pocketed my new found gem and continued on my.
I passed a jolly looking man, a little ways down the road
But when I went to wave to him it seemed my gem had showed.
For his face became quite bright with a shimmer of wonder
As if the gem brought him thoughts of thunder.
Because as I passed him the sky lit up with lightning
The shocking sight and bright light was rather frightening.
The figurine now safe in my pocket I could feel it burning
So I took it out and held it as the light continued churning.
The clouds grew dense and the wind picked up it was quite a shock
How suddenly leaves flew from trees in what seemed to be a flock.
I unpocketed the figurine and gave it quite a stare
I thought it rather strange how this hadn’t happened before it was there.
I suddenly took off running
Leaving the creepy figurine behind it was rather cunning.
For I turned around to see if I was being followed
But I was back at the tree which seemed to have been hollowed.
I looked down at the roots below my feet only to have learned
That somehow that little figurine had been returned
With this in mind I turned to walk away
Then I looked up at the sky and saw it wasn’t grey.
The clouds were bright and wispy and the wind was a gentle breeze
Confused was I to see that the odd weather seized.
It was like it never happened as I continued on my way
Could I have really dreamt it all? With confusion my mind began to sway.
I passed a jolly looking man, a little ways down the road
I went to wave at him and my empty pocket showed.
As I waved I looked at him with a look of neighborly glee
I was sure he was looking for the gem but he just waved back at me.

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