Friday, April 12, 2013

"Spring Time" by October Sky

It is spring time in Herndon and flowers are blooming,
The sunshine is bright and the allergies are looming.
Watery eyes above a nose red and stuffy,
It’s hard to breathe through sinuses so puffy!
Bumble bees a buzzing and people a sneezing,
Inhalers are needed when people are wheezing.
Zyrtek, Allegra, Claritin D,
So glad to have you so that I can see!
Oh how the sunshine and green grass is callin’
But when I walk out, I breathe in the pollen.
During this season Kleenex is my friend,
Boxes and boxes come to an end.
Outdoor fun in spring is mandatory,
As long as I take my anti- inflammatory.
Sudafed and Nyquil help me to sleep,
My swollen sinuses make it hard to count sheep.
Spring time, oh spring time how beautiful you are,
I wish I could enjoy it with my windows ajar.
But this misery is a small price for me to pay,
Because spring time comes in a beautiful way.
The flowers bloom and the sunshine is bright,
Even with my allergies I’m sure I’ll be alright!

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