Friday, June 14, 2013

"To My Husband After Twenty Years" by Janice Jewell

Context:  This was an assignment in which students brainstormed lunch foods, flowers or plants, animals and appliances.  They then had to write a poem using at least five words from each category.  This is mine.

A long life together is 90% washer/dryer and 10% tesla coil.
Unload the dishwasher;
Do the laundry;
Clean out the fridge.
On a Friday night: steak to end the week.

A long life together is 90% elephant and 10% liger.
More chores:
Walk the dog;
Grocery shop: bread, ham, cheese;
For a week: ok, add roast beef and peanut butter.
On a Friday night: sloth, exhaustion, but you bring dogwood.

A long life together is 90% Venus fly trap and 10% lilies.
Is there no end to chores?
Plant the tomatoes,
The cayenne and banana peppers;
Trim the hydrangea bushes.
On a Friday night: you’re the snap to my dragon, sun to my flower, the tart, tangy apple to my blossom.

A long life together is 90% tomato and 10% bacon.
It is 80% penguin and 20% panda.
It is 70% thorns and 30% roses.
It is 60% rhino and 40% monkey.
It is 50% fire alarm.

It is 100% worth the next 20 years.

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