Friday, November 1, 2013

National Day on Writing Submissions: "Hide and Seek" and "What I've Always Wanted to Say"

On Monday, 10/21, and Tuesday, 10/22, the HWC celebrated the National Day on Writing. Students were invited to write and submit pieces to be published on the blog. Each week, we will publish four of these submissions in one blog post. This week's pieces are by  Rebecca W. and Hayley K.
"Hide and Seek", by Rebecca W.

The closet was dark and musty. The darkness did nothing to help the growing fear inside my chest. My breathing was light and brittle, and almost completely stopped when I heard them come up the stairs.

"Are you sure she's up here?"

"I heard her go upstairs ten minutes ago. I'm sure."

"Yeah, ten minutes! She could have moved!"

"We we would have seen her!"

"How!? It's too dark to see black."

I would have laughed at the argument between the two, but as that would give away my position, immediately, I stayed silent.

"Lets turn out the lights, then."

I heard the sound of a light switch, then heard the pair opening doors. Cool sweat began to drip down the back of my neck as I realized that I may soon be found. My breath caught in my throat as the doors in front of me opened and light flooded my small hiding space.

"There you are!" one of my brothers exclaimed.

"It took us, like, an hour to find you!" said the other.

"I smiled. "That's only because you need to think outside the box a bit more."

I lifted myself outside of my crouching position and exited the closet, going back downstairs.

"So, who's seeking this time?"
"What I've Always Wanted to Say" by Hayley K.

I've always wanted to say that I really do care about how people feel and what they have to say. What I mean is by talking to someone when they are upset, a person would most likely say how they feel doesn't matter. But I want to tell people that I will listen to them when they don't have anyone else.

Making people happy is the most fulfilling thing a person can do in their life. By doing that you could most likely save a person's live by giving them a purpose to live. And by making people happy, you, yourself will become happy by feeling  important to someone, and that's what everyone wants to feel.

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