Friday, October 25, 2013

National Day on Writing Submissions: "The Three Little Freshmen/Piglets", "Bridge Day", "Time Machines", and "Professions of Love",

On Monday, 10/21, and Tuesday, 10/22, the HWC celebrated the National Day on Writing. Students were invited to write and submit pieces to be published on the blog. Each week, we will publish four of these submissions in one blog post. This week's pieces are by  Declan G., Mr. Steve Brown (Physics teacher!), Nina O., and Mutasim Y.

"The Three Little Freshmen" by Declan G.

There were three little Freshmen and they all were friends. One was artsy, one was into sports, and one was into school. One day there was this big, nasty, evil Senior. He was the worst! He would send Freshmen to the pool on the roof. He didn't like the three little Freshmen- no, indeed! The first one tried to dress older, but was found out due to the way he walked through the hall. The second tried to act tough, but the Senior was on the varsity team so it didn't work. But the third one got away. How, you may ask? Well, the Senior was bad at English so he had to go to the the Herndon Writing Center, where he was tutored by the third little Freshman.


"Bridge Day" by Mr. Steve Brown, Physics teacher

On October 19, I traveled to West Virginia to be an observer of that state’s 34th Bridge Day celebration.

Bridge Day marks the spanning of the New River Gorge in Fayetteville. The bridge was dedicated on October 22, 1977, and each year since, the bridge is closed to traffic on the third Saturday in October. At the dedication, the New River Gorge Bridge was the world’s longest single-span arch bridge, a title it held for many years.

Before the construction of the bridge, it would take up to forty-five minutes for a car to cross the gorge, estimated to be over 300 million years old! On Saturday, a resident of the area told me she remembers crossing the gorge, and if a car was caught behind a slow-moving loaded truck, crossing could take up to two hours!!

Visitors on Bridge Day may participate in or observe various activities, and among which, are BASE jumping skydiving, rappelling, highlining or ziplining.


 "The Time Machine" by Nina O.

The ability to go back in time and change anything I wanted seemed a little far-fetched. When I was gifted with the time machine, my whole life was permanently altered. The time machine was given to me by a mysterious man claiming to be from the future. He was dressed in all white and spoke with an accent I couldn’t decipher. He gave me specific instructions and rules that I had to follow.

“You are given only two days to go to where you please. After your second trip, you are expected to return or you will be trapped at your final location,” he said.

Given this opportunity, I had to think very wisely. I decided to go back in time to change the way I started school; this was around kindergarten. When school first started, I was shy and afraid to make friends. Going back in time, I told my younger self that being friendly and making friends would be worth it. When returning back home I noticed that my decision to go back completely changed the way I grew up. The impact wasn’t necessarily the best. I was being put into situations that I couldn’t really handle.

Since I had one last trip, I decided to go back and prevent myself from changing anything. Life is supposed to be spontaneous and things happen for a reason. From this experience, I learned things happen for a reason. From this experience, I learned to just live life with no regrets.

"What I've Always Wanted to Say is..." By Mutasim Y.

What I’ve always wanted to say is a lot of positive things.  I have always wanted to talk about anything.  Three words that I’ve always wanted to say are“I Love You”.  It always makes me feel lovely when I say it to someone.  It’s really kind to tell someone "I love you" because it makes them feel lovely and smile.  I always say I love you to my lovely family and friends.  I makes me happy every time I say that.  It’s wonderful to make people smile with the words "I love you". 

Also, I have always wanted to say I am thankful for everything.  You have to be thankful for your life, your family and friends.  There is no reason that you can’t be thankful. You always have to be thankful for everything, because you have good luck.  I have always been thankful for everything for everything.  I can’t say no to it.

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