Friday, April 4, 2014

"If I was a Flower" by Adrenaline

If I was a flower I would sit around all day and soak up the sun. I would stand tall as the sun washed over my petals and down my spine. It would be as if my eyes were closed, laying on the cool grass. I would be absolutely content, if I was a flower.
I would sway as monster-sized raindrops fall gently on my leaves. I’d soak up the water, drink it down with open... “arms”. I would suck it in through my roots, feel it climb up my stem, spread into my leaves, and fuel me for my days of relaxation. If I was a flower, I would be serene.
If I was a flower I would have no real worries. I wouldn’t think about school or grades. I wouldn’t think about what college I could get into or what would be my major. I wouldn’t think about how I would make money to afford college. How could I pay my debts? How could I find a real job? None of that would matter, if I was a flower.
If I was a flower, I would have a lot of flower friends. We would never fight. If I was a flower, no one would steal boyfriends. No one would talk behind backs. No one would be fake or mean or rude. If I was a flower, life would be bliss.
If I was a flower, I would have been born of a seed. I would have grown up on my own. No reliance on parents for money, rides, a home and food. I wouldn’t need to be with my parents. We wouldn’t be constantly fighting. I wouldn’t have to come back, every time I walk away. I wouldn’t even have to walk away. I would just be gone, if I was a flower.
If I was a flower I would soak up the rain as well as the sun. I would have no worries. I would have a bunch of friends, no drama included. I would never have fights with my parents.
I would be utterly happy, if I was a flower.

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