Friday, April 25, 2014

"The Four Seasons" by Platonic Soulmate

Spring is joyful and bright,
The sun comes out and makes things right.
As flowers of all colors bloom,
Rain clouds overhead loom.
The warm weather comes as the cold weather goes,
The windy wind blows as a green tree grows.

Summer sneaks up on us like a little critter,
The sun shines on the water and glitters.
The blazing sun heats up the weather.
Young birds try out their new feathers.
Bright fireworks are shot in the night sky
And soon enough summer ends and says good-bye.

Autumn comes around, the forest leaves start to change
From red to orange, the possible colors have a huge range.
As leaves on the trees then begin to fall.
Squirrels gather nuts to stuff in their tree home walls.
The weather gets colder as the sun sets sooner.
Make sure to adjust your violins with a good tuner.

Winter is finally here as people wait for the first snow.
Most people would love to stay in bed watching their favorite show.
The roads and sidewalks begin to freeze
As people might go out to eat for some Chinese.
The New Year approaches soon and the cycle repeats again.
The four seasons are finally done, amen.

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