Friday, February 27, 2015

"The Argument" by William Shakespeare

            “I talked to Jack today.”
“C’mon Niki, Jack?  You never talk to Jack?  You haven’t liked Jack ever since he smashed that vanilla-frosted cupcake in your face.”
“Well, I did.”
“Really?  I thought you had sworn off ever acknowledging him because of that incident.”
 “I know, but he just came up and started talking.  He was telling me how he just bought himself the newest iPhone.”
“Oh please, Jack never uses his own money.  I bet he’s got his dad’s bank account wired to his debit card.”
“And, of course he has the newest iPhone; he always has to show off with the newest material items.”
“Anyways, he told me about something that happened in the science hallway.”
“Science hallway?  Jack?  In the science hallway?  He finished all his science courses, he would never step foot in the science hallway.”
“He said that…”
“Jack hates school too!  He always skips!”
“He was in school today though.”
“So?  There’s no way he would be in the science hallway with all the smart kids.”
“He said that when he was walking through, Mr. Graney and Ms. Smith were sprinting down towards the front office.”
“Mr. Graney?  Running?  Oh please, he probably hasn’t seen a day of physical education since his last high school gym class.  There’s no way he would be running.”
“But he was...”
“And Ms. Smith too!  Have you seen those ungodly six-inch heels she wears?  If she ran, she’d have two broken ankles by now.”
            “Well, according to Jack, they were running.”
            “Not possible, if anything they were probably walking, taking their sweet time.”
            “Apparently, they were yelling and pushing the students to get out of their way.”
            “Niki, listen to yourself.  Ms. Smith, the sweet, quiet woman yelling at kids to get out of her way.”
            “I know.  I know.  But, Jack told me when he walked further down and looked into Mr. Graney’s room, Kevin Huntsman was standing there looking like he just had a freak science accident.  Jack heard that he messed up on his experiment and it caused it to explode in his face.”
            “Kevin Huntsman won the science fair last year.”
            “...Okay… and?”
            “And... he wouldn’t mess up an experiment.  He’s way too smart to mess up a silly little high school lab test.  Ya know, he was in one of my lab groups last year and everything had to be perfect; he even made me re-do my ponytail!!”
            “Maybe this was just a tiny accident he made?”
            “Yeah, right.  The kid is literally a poster child for OCD.  He’s probably got pocket protectors for his pocket protectors.”
            “Well, according to Jack-”
            “Seriously?  You’re going to believe Jack?  On this whole thing?”
            “Well, no- I mean, I didn’t at first.  But, then when I was walking down the science hallway-”
            “Why were you walking down the science hallway?”
            “To go to my science class..?”
            “You don’t have science today, Niki.”
            “I was turning in late homework.”
            “You do not turn in late homework.  I have never seen you not turn in a homework assignment in on time.  Homework is basically your life.”
            “I had a dentist appointment yesterday.  But, as I was saying, when I was walking down the science hallway I passed by Mr. Graney’s room and, oh my goodness, it smelled awful.”
“Mmm... I don’t think it smelled that bad.”
“No, trust me.  It was like walking through a dumpster park filled with skunks.  Every single student and teacher that walked by was plugging their nose.”
“I was just walking through there and I didn’t smell anything out of the ordinary.”
“Probably because you’re sick with a stuffy nose so you can’t smell anything.”
“Um... no I don’t think so.”

“Ugh, you never listen.”

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