Friday, April 24, 2015

"PSA: The Dangers of Spring Fever" by Lavender Li

This is an announcement from your local doctor. This year, Spring Fever (Morbus Fons) is a particularly strong strain. Due to the prolonged winter, Spring Fever has developed to be particularly nasty. It is important to know the symptoms and treatments of Spring Fever to protect you and others around you.

First of all, Spring Fever is caused by the changing of the seasons. Winter has just ended and your body is getting used to the new weather, including temperatures and hours of light. The changing of temperature confuses your internal thermometer, which affects how well your immune system fights off other types of illnesses. It is not uncommon for a person with Spring Fever to develop a cold or a stomach bug. The new and longer hours of sunlight disorients your biological clock, making it difficult for your body to fall asleep and wake up. This can lead to sleep deprivation and drowsiness.

Mixed with the natural allergies of pollen, the sufferers of Spring Fever suffer intense symptoms. Symptoms of Spring Fever include:
·         Drowsiness
·         Confusion
·         Runny noses
·         Weaken immune system
·         Desire to be outside
·         Desire to place flowers inside
·         Increase procrastination (often due to prolonged hours outside)

Spring Fever is easily treated. Treatment options include keeping a strict schedule or easing into the spring season. Keeping a strict schedule will help with procrastination and desire to be outside. With a strict schedule of times to be inside working and outside enjoying the weather, the symptoms of Spring Fever tend to decrease. Easing into the spring season also aid the symptoms of Spring Fever. Ways to ease into spring include, going to bed at normal times, gradually switching winter clothes to spring clothes, and keeping the thermostat colder to simulate winter. These gradual changes decrease some of the symptoms.  However, these methods of treatment might not be enough. If the case of Spring Fever is severe enough, your doctor may prescribe Flors Absente Febre or FeverbGone for short. This medicine reduces the symptoms without changing  your personal life. Talk to your doctor about the possibility of this in your life.

Spring Fever is a dangerous disease, especially this year. Knowing the symptoms of this disease is the first step in protecting yourself and others. Go to for more details and information. Stay safe and enjoy your spring. 

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