Friday, May 1, 2015

"One Day" by Marsha Mellow

It only takes a moment when it happens.
you might blink, or take a little too long to get yourself straight
one day.
It’ll just take one
one day and the rest of your life, however short, however complicated, however tragic
one day, thats it.
his one day came on that day.
it took less than a moment
later on he would wonder if he knew even before he set his curious eyes on her, he
would ponder the idea of just knowing, of something being so clear and right somewhere
deep inside your core that you just knew
he would mull over the word ‘soulmates’ thinking it fell short for him and her
thinking that something about the blue eyes that rose from behind the glossy frames of
her bright blue glasses was so familiar that they couldn’t have been strangers.
she wasn’t pretty
she was art
she was beautiful, sure, wrapped up tight into a black dress that looked more like a second
skin than an actual dress, red plastic cup clutched in a hand of chipped yellow nail polish and
rings, laughing, dancing.
but art is more than just that, she was more than just that
art makes you feel something, art stirs something deep in your stomach, something a lot like

awe. she was art, the best kind of art

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