Friday, January 15, 2016

"A Real Application" by Blabbering Becky

Colleges don't know you. They know a piece of paper with all your grades from freshman year pasted on it. They know a 500 word essay on what your favorite word is. They know a teacher recommendation that says how hard-working you are as a student. They don't know who you really are.

They don't know that you come home every day and work on homework for two hours just for a twenty minute break afterwards. They don't know you spend hours preparing for one test out of the three you have the next day. They don't know that you work so hard and put so much effort into getting a 4.0 GPA only to be put down by your parents saying they thought it was higher. They don't know that you don't drink or do drugs because it'll hinder your academic career. They don't know that you have to meet the expectations of everyone around you because when you don't you feel like a disappointment. And by thinking of all these things they don't know about you, you become a bit more broken inside because they don't know you; they just know your application.

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