Thursday, October 20, 2016

National Day on Writing Celebration: Haiku and Cake

On Thursday, October 20, 2016, we celebrated the National Day on Writing with our annual Haiku and Cake party. Below are some selections of the haiku we received.

What are you writing?
A haiku. For English? Yes.
Sounds fun. Yeah we get cake too.

Math is glorious.
With food, it's even better!
Math + Cake? Pure joy!
(By Mrs. Margraff)

I play on defense.
Defensive link to be clear.
Football is my life.

Skill and passion in soccer
Makes the player great

Rebellious bolts
Blades of lightning cleave the sky
Cleaving right from wrong

Buffalo Chicken
Wings are very very delicious to eat
They were a good treat.

Chemistry is hard.
Why do they even teach it?
Do you think I"ll pass?

Haikus are awesome
But they don't always make sense

I just came from math
We had to do trig problems
Please give me some cake

Be your Kanye best
Put your skills to Kanyes test
Beat the Kanye rest

Billions of bright lights
Shine against a dark canvase
In the clear night sky

Haiku is starting.
Haiku is nearly finished.
Haiku is complete.

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