Friday, January 11, 2013

"BEEP" by Gatsby

I unwillingly roll over and shut off the alarm, and sit on the edge of my bed. The last thing I want to do in the whole world is get up and get ready for school. I force my stiff body to get up and walk downstairs and turn on the shower.  I sit down on the toilet as I wait for the water to heat up and feel myself almost nodding off to sleep. I realize it’s probably been long enough, stand up, slide the glass door to the side and start to get in. AHH! It’s still freezing cold! Now I’m sort of awake.. And grumpy.
*growl..* I’m already hungry too.
After another minute I test the waters again and it’s comfortable and I get into the shower. In what feels like a daze I wash my hair and body, and then let the hot water soothe my muscles as I fall asleep for 5 or so minutes leaning against the wall. BEEP BEEP. I almost fall over as I’m startled by the mini timer I set to 10 minutes and I force myself to turn off the comforting water and grab a towel.
After drying off, using cue tips in my ears, and brushing my teeth, I drag myself back upstairs. I sit down on my bed for a couple of minutes and muster up the strength to pick out my clothes and put my backpack back together as all of my schoolwork from the night before is strewn about the floor. I get up, throw on a random outfit, pick up my belongings, and grab my keys and my phone and head back downstairs and out the door. I hear the cowbell attached to my front door ring as I close it, and I grimace as I know my family won’t be happy with me for waking them up during my careless fog.
Jingle. Jingle.
I take longer than I should as I fumble to find the key to lock the door to my house, and also the key to open my car door. I finally sit down and throw my backpack in the backseat and start the car. If drowsy driving is truly equivalent to drunk driving, then I’m in trouble. At the first stop light I plug in my phone to my speakers and choose a Pandora station to listen to. At the second stop light I turn on the heat, as the engine is finally warm enough for the heater to do more good than harm.
Beep Boop Beep.
Once I arrive at my girlfriend’s house I get out and call her as I walk to her door. I see her beautiful face through the window next to the door and give her a good morning kiss as she lets me in. One of us makes breakfast, one of us makes lunch. Whether it’s a bacon egg and cheese bagel or eggo waffles, we always have a delicious breakfast. Oh crap! It’s 7. We grab our lunches and head back out to my car and drive to school.
Our school days begin.

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