Friday, January 4, 2013

"Gold" by Marshall Blue

I slide the door open and step onto the worn wooden deck.  As the sun strikes my eyes I take my sunglasses from my pocket and place them over my eyes.  I decide to walk over to the railing and take a long look at the cloudless sky that meets the calm ocean.  In the distance I can see boats sail across the ocean surface.  After several moments, I decide to walk down the deck steps towards the golden sand.  On my way, I grab a chair with my left hand and continue towards the shore.  As soon as my feet strikes the warm sand my eyes close in relaxation.  When I reach a pleasant spot on the beach I place the chair down and sit down.  I can feel the cool breeze on my hair and the warm sun on my body.  As a wave crashes, an ocean mist sprays me and gives me a brief cool down.  Seashells litter the edge of the shore and several people reach down to pick out appealing ones.  The waves wash upon the shore, causing the sand to become moist.  The moist sand engulfs my feet like wet cement.  I look around me, looking for other fellow vacationers, but few are around.  They must have retired for an early dinner.  The sounds of the beach lead me into a deep sleep.

I wake up, unaware of where I am, but after a few seconds I remember.  My body is overcome with comfort.  I remove my sunglasses and look up to see the pink sky.  It is the work of an enchanting sunset.  Hypnotized by it, I get the sudden urge to go for a walk.  I get up and make my way along the beach while the shore is quiet, but not deserted.  As I walk I pass many people and they greet me with welcoming smiles.  I walk until the sunset completes its descent.  When the darkness arrives I turn around and begin to make my way back the house.  The stars look down at me, smiling through bright teeth.  I want to reach them and join them, but my restraints hold me back.  When I reach the house, I do not go inside.  I remain on a lawn chair, glancing at the stars, reflecting on my peaceful day.  My eyes begin to fail me and I decide to step into the house.  I walk to my bedroom and my body falls onto it with tiredness.  I fall asleep within seconds.  Dreams flow through my head.  The sun, the ocean, the waves, the breeze, and the warmth are mixed together in a sea of serenity.  Unexpectedly, the dream receives a flash of gold, a held-back smile, and shy eyes.  Suddenly, I awaken.  I roll over to see light peering through the curtains.

It’s time for a new day.  

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