Friday, February 7, 2014

"My Only Friend" by Bear Force One

On those long summer days,
With unending heat and shouts of children,
I’d often be alone and far away,
Tucked away in some corner of the family den.

Although my heart was heavy and my knees shook,
I would still manage to scrounge up a sad smile
After pulling out a dusty relic from a long look,
Something that I could call, my only friend.

Watching the dust fly from the cartridge,
Or hearing the mechanical whirr of the NES,
Both kept my heart and mind at ease
As I would drift into my own little world.

No one else could make me at home,
Or take away from me my loneliness,
But you could, with the way your screen shone,
Thank goodness that you’re my only friend.

But summer turns to winter,
Both heat and children start to wear with age,
Where once I saw rejection,
I now found an escape from my cage.

But even the best of mates can split apart,
I felt this now even within acceptance,
However, I can sleep soundly at night knowing

That you’ll always be there for me, my only friend.

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