Friday, November 20, 2015

"Being Loved" by July 3rd

Love and being loved is not the same thing…
Love is stability, support, and comfort
Love is letting go of your fears
Love is being willing to risk it all
Love is unsure, a mystery that captures you
Love isn’t always what you want it to be
Love has no boundaries, makes no sense
Being loved is letting a sharp needle dangle above you, accepting all consequences
And if it drops on you, love is the only thing that can heal your pain.
Being loved is a body of water that you can’t sink in
Being loved is a tree that grows leaves in the winter
Being loved is a sun ray that pierces your skin and calms your soul
Being loved is the difference between nervous and excited
Being loved is feeling home in another country.

Being loved is a feeling you can't explain in words.

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