Friday, November 20, 2015

"The Last Day" by Megatron

Bang! The sound the locker makes as it's slammed shut. "Don't run!" The teachers yell. It's the start of summer and the last day of school. Friends giggle at inside jokes and teachers sigh at relief of not having to grade essays, clearly typed last minute. The loud speaker makes a shrieking noise before announcements are made. Principal Bates addresses the entire school. "Good afternoon Herndon Hornets! Let me be the first to wish you a happy summer. Please remember to be safe and most of all have fun! As a Herndon Hornet, we expect you stay on top of summer assignments. Please enjoy your summers and we look forward to seeing you next fall!" Another shrieking noise is made at the close of the speaker. 3,2,1! Ding! The bell sounds off a stampede of students into the summer. I take my time walking down the halls. Now empty, I try to remember the paint color, the floors, the smell and everything I look at. I think to myself... "This is my last time here." Sadness rushes through my heart as memories of friendships go through my mind. Times of great lessons I'll take with me. Memories of teachers who impacted me I'll cherish forever. Farewell, Herndon High School.

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