Friday, November 13, 2015

Haiku Cake Day 2015: Teacher Haiku

On Thursday, 11/12, we hosted our second annual Haiku Cake Party! Student haiku and photos will be posted in the next week, but in the meantime, here are some haiku submitted by HHS Teachers!

They are all meekness
A teacher is a good god
Some oddity thing
-Ms. LaForest (ESOL)
Note: This haiku is a found haiku from one of Ms. LaForest's student's writings. The original is pictured below.

Drop out of grad school
Stand on roadway with the sign:
"Will Haiku for Cake"
- Mr. Keay (English)

Haiku is the best!
I can’t believe I’ll miss this.
Red days only--sigh.
-Ms. Breza (Tech Ed)

Who's the best teacher?
He's in Room Two Thirty One
His name is Carag
- Mr. Carag (ESOL)

I really like books.
They  make me very happy.
Yes, you should read, too!
-Ms. Corsino (English)

Green tea aroma
Buffering winter's hard grip
inhaling spring's promise
- Ms. Danies (ESOL)

Good god, I'm tired.
8th period was rowdy.
I need cake, please! Please!
-Mr. Hutton (ESOL)

I like to eat cake.
Cake is my favorite food.
Please give me some cake.
-Mr. Butterfield (ESOL)

The Writing Center's
Thursday haiku and cake means
Tasty poetry!
-Our lovely librarians

Some people say that
Cake is all that. But I say
There's nothing like pie.
-Ms. Jewell (English)

What's in my pocket?
Perhaps some forgotten cash?!
Nope. Just dryer lint. :\
-Ms. Atallah (English)

Iced coffee is the best
Like vacation in a cup
Eternal summer
-Ms. Hutton (English)

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