Friday, December 11, 2015

“Holly Jolly HWC” by Iurl Bives

(Sung to the tune of “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”)

Have a holly Jolly Rancher
It's the best candy we have
But please make sure to evaluate our wonderful tutors

Have a holly jolly session,
W’e're the best tutors around!
Say hello to Mrs. Hutton and Mrs. Jewell, but don't forget about Ms. Atallah
She is just as great!

Have a Holly Jolly piece of cake
But only on haiku day
Oh no the computers are on the fritz again!
Somebody please fix them, Tutees must sign in!

Have a holly jolly tutor,
and in case you didn't know

We don't tutor on Friday but please come back Monday!

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