Friday, April 29, 2016

"An Average Leprechaun's Day" by Larry the Leprechaun

Where did I put me green top hat? Ah, there it is on top of me green bureau. I wonder what Mrs. Leprechaun is cooking today. I really hope it is not green pancakes and ham again. Good, good, the chiluns are still dreamin about four leaf clovers and green top hats. I hope that smell filling me nose isn’t green pancakes and ham. Making my way down to the kitchen I see the greenest pancakes and ham yet! Just me luck! “No me, sweetest pot o gold, I love your green pancakes and ham they just fill me up and take away my appetite!” I love me perfect Leprechaun wife but I do not have the courage to tell her about her heinous cooking. If only there was a courage wall in which I could share my insecurity and grow, such a thing is fabled to be in a make believe land called Herndon High and others are said to be all across a mystical land land known as the United States. I don’t like to think about these fables as the ruler of this mystical land is known as Donald Trump and the wall he built has nothing to with courage. Settling back into me green Leprechaun chair I opened the Leprechaun Times and was discouraged with the quality of the articles. Each day they are all the same; how to make your green top hat greener or how to find more four leaf clovers. Curse these bland articles, me top hat is already plenty green and I don’t need any help finding four leaf clovers, they’re everywhere! Well I’m off to go guard me family’s pot o gold for the rest of the day, I hope there is more excitement in the lives of other creatures. On me way to me rainbow I ran into Leprechaun O’Sullivan and he told me that the Leprechaun Republic has been cheating us out of two shillings of gold each month! What an outrage! Being just an average Leprechaun I had to make my way to me pot o gold as quickly as possible to avoid the possibility of a devious adventurer trying to steal me bounty. The day was mostly quiet and I had a nice chat with the Harry the Unicorn who traded me some pixie dust for two horseshoes. As the day retreated, I made my way home and was delighted to see me chiluns studying their Leprechaun textbooks and taking notes. They were such smart chiluns and I knew they could be any type of Leprechaun they wanted to be. With a warm heart I made my way to me green bed and fell asleep without Mrs. Leprechaun harrassing me about the pot o gold; what a good day today was.

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