Friday, April 8, 2016

"An Ode to Wendy's" by Latty Pax

The smell of warmth and cheerfulness,
 Is my favorite part, I must confess,
I sit and wait, my stomach feels dead,
I start begging to the girl whose hair shines bright red.

I make my order like a architect sculpting a statue,
I get so excited I dash for the loo.
The tantalizing sound of the fryers leaves me shaking,
The constant pouring of the fountain sodas leaves me quaking.

I sit like a king at my usual table,
My stomach rumbles and whinnies, like horses in the stable.
The cashier calls my number, I sprint to the counter like an Olympic runner.

My wait is finally complete,
The spread is so breathtaking I am unable to speak.
My heartbeat rises like a tsunami on the high seas.

My stomach and I want to thank you, Wendy’s.

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