Thursday, May 26, 2016

"Little Girl" by Bianca Butters

As a little girl she would love to sing and dance
She’d play dress up and have pretend romance
She loved the stories such as the princess and the pea
But also adored the superheroes she’d want to be
She ran around with a tiara on her head
A cape around her neck, jumping off the bed
She doesn’t know what is about to come next
As she got ready for school, looking her best.
She held onto her Iron Man lunch box and wore her bluest dress too
Only to go to the bus stop to be made fun of before noon
She came home that day with tears streaming down
She cried, “mama they made me feel like a clown”
Her mother was too busy on the phone
Yelling out words a little girl should never know
The little girl was so lost and confused
How come her mama wasn’t listening to her sad news?
Soon she realized it was daddy on the other end
After a week he realized he made problems he couldn’t mend
He left his little girl who was having it tough
She grew to become bitter to what she thought was once love
Her father was meant to be the first man she adored
Now how is she going to find something worth so much more

Her happiness didn’t last
As the days flew past
The little girl who once loved to sing and dance
Put away all that along with the romance
Looking down on the world like it was nothing
She came to a realization that she wanted to be worth something
Now working on being the little girl to be proud of
She put away all her tiaras and superpowers
She tried her best in all subjects at school
Tried so hard not to make herself look like a fool
After all the years she had been unnoticed
She did her best to keep her focus
Nothing was going to bring her down at her peak
She wanted to be everything, everything but weak

Now the sad thing is that many of you girls can relate
You kept all this pain held up inside even to this very date
Well I just wanted to say that the strength in your eyes
Is bigger than any man can be likewise
And hear me out on this
 I didn’t intend to make it as a diss
I don’t mean to leave out sorrow for the guys
But you already know you’re worth when women are denied
All through life we long for affection
The feeling for someone to build a connection
The power of our hearts beat unsteadily
Only to find somebody that can be our remedy
To find the happiness we had once as a child
To have a significant other that will be able to reconcile
The hurt and the loss we had felt several times previously
All the moments where we weren’t taken seriously
We are not the little girls that I had told you of before
We will not stand it anymore
Our worth has not shrunk though
So I am here to recognize how much you’ve grown
In fact, you’re worth has exceeded over time
And my, oh my, how brightly you began to shine.

You probably shine even brighter now than from when you were that little girl.

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