Friday, January 27, 2017

"Color" by Ella Wade

When I look around, I see color. The shades can range from vibrant to dull but they are incredible to admire. Color can be taken for granted if you’ve seen it all your life. People's eyes glaze over color without stopping to examine each shade closer.

I was bored one day and got sucked down into the black hole of youtube recommendations. I came across multiple reaction videos to people receiving special, tinted glasses as a gift. These glasses were made by Enchroma, a brand that claimed to cure the colorblind.  

I believe I've watched nearly all of the available reaction videos on the internet. I found it fascinating to see a person who had been living their whole life without the same range of color as others, finally see their familiar world change.

The reactions to the glasses varied from looks of gratitude, to excitement at an unexplored new world, although all held the same look of awe as they suddenly saw color. Purple was a huge shock to many, and it brought many grown men to tears. The most common type of colorblindness is the inability to see the colors red or green. Many families gave the recipient the sunglasses outside, and the wonderful awe they expressed for the bright greens they began to see or colorful autumn leaves and flowers. One father was in awe at the deep blue color of his young daughter’s eyes. He cried happy tears as he studied them.

Noticing color could become so instinctive for me if I didn’t take the time to recognize why it was special. After watching people be so fascinated with colors I had always seen, I took a step back. I attempted to look the world as if I’d never seen it before, and I found myself once again captivated by color.

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