Thursday, March 30, 2017

"Racism" by Rose Gates

Life is not fair for everybody. From skin color to gender, someone always ends up getting hurt. Many people tend to harm themselves due to the words that are used upon them. Racism has been a major issue since history was recorded. Whether someone is female or male, people always have some negative insult to make against them.

Twitter is the only reason why I am still pulling through this year. Usually, the tweets the are made on twitter are mostly humorous and are intended to send a message, but recently that has not been happening. Over the past few months, people on twitter have made racial slurs and comments towards certain races. African-American women and men have been the main target. After the whole election, the media has been chaotic. 

The tweets that are made use the word such as the “N” word or they make fun of their face or the way their body is shaped. I haven’t been able to look through my timeline recently because of how disgusted I feel to be living in such disrespectful generation. Due to the racist comments that have
been made towards certain people, the victims have committed suicide, or have felt fear of showing their true self.

But not every person on twitter takes the racist comments and ignore them. As much as  hate racism, I have created a group to prevent it. It has not even been a month and racist comments have already been made towards my Latino group. Videos have been uploaded to express the hatred towards a certain race. For example, a girl from Old Dominion University uploaded a video of herself singing about African-Americans. In the video, she mentioned how she wishes the worst to these colored race people and their families.

Many people don’t understand what it is like to feel like an outcast or question why they were born a certain way. People should not make insults towards other races or genders. Recently, my friend made his sexuality public. With the whole Orlando shooting and the threats he receives everyday on social media, he has been emotionally harmed. It is obvious that if someone is getting bullied on social media and is harmed emotionally doesn’t mean they HAVE to erase their social media. Everyone has the right to express themselves without having to hide who they truly are. No one should be judging one’s ability, especially online. I have started a movement to end racism, but if it is still continuing now, it will continue in the future. It needs to end now.

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