Friday, March 10, 2017

"The Breakup" by Layla Henry

“Can we talk?”
The three words everybody knows the meaning behind.
The end, the finale, the breakup.
You expected it would happen, but not this soon.
It crept up on you, like a monster in the night, shocking you to the core.
You thought you had more time, until he slipped through your fingers.
Was there more you could have done?
Was he lying to you?
Was it all your fault?
These questions swirl through your mind like a hurricane.
He wants to be friends.
You blindly accept, grasping for a last attempt to have him in your life.
It’s harder than you thought.
You know it’s what’s best for him.
You try and remember that it’s what’s best for you too.
It’s harder than you thought.
One moment everything is fine, the next you’re crying into your pillow.
Why can’t you just get over it?
It’s simply not that easy.
You try to keep your mind and your schedule full, but the thoughts, the questions, always manage to squeeze their way back in.
Your friends try and tell you there was nothing you could have done.
You know they’re right, but it’s so much easier to blame yourself.
Was it a sacrifice you could have made?
Was he worth it?
Say yes, and you loved him too much.
Say no, and you didn’t love him enough.
Did love even have anything to do with it?
Love can’t make time, no matter how much you want it to.
You deserve time.
So maybe a chapter is ending.

Or maybe a new one is just beginning.

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