Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Woods" by Joffrey

The cool air flows past
I certainly don’t want to finish last
Everywhere I look I see green
The only light are the beams in between
The squirrels scurry about
If you make a noise you will surely be a lout
The branches reach out to each other
The rain drains down the gutter
The trees rise like skyscrapers
Off in the distance I can hear the lawn mowers
I hate the feeling of being alone
It radiates down in my bones
I watch the black birds fly by
And see them loop up in the sky
Sometimes I feel mad at life
Nobody knows my strife
I know how I can make it right
But I just can’t seem to find the light
The pavement wants to go on forever
But in the woods it finally severs
The shadows on the ground play tricks
The sun above takes its licks
I never want to leave this place
I love the leaves and all their grace
The petals float like kites
The thorns flex their ferocious bite
You never know what you get
Nothing in life is a let
The chipmunks run by fuzzy and cute
The mourning dove blows his lute
I have to get to my car
The woods recoil from the tar
Tree bark is terribly rough
It helps to make them extra tough
I see the creek move and cut
The animals all crawl back into their huts
I feel frozen and warm at the same time
I pray that I never go blind
If I do I couldn’t bask in the glory
I would miss out on the world’s story
The trees all stare at me
I don’t want to go can’t you see
I will return at a later date
I won’t make it at this rate
You always want me to stay and play
But nevermore this day
I have to being going now
This is the time for my final bow
The cool air flows past
I certainly don’t want to finish last

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