Friday, May 26, 2017

"Love Poem" by Luna

Falling in love,
Losing control now
Struggling to gain control back
You’re feeling all of these new emotions
Feelings you aren't really used to
You worry about letting yourself fall completely
But curiosity pushes you towards this person
You were always that independent girl who hated the thought of a relationship
Things are changing for you

Questions and concerns flutter around your head
“Don’t get attached”
“Don’t rely on someone who could leave at any moment”
“What if he isn’t who he has been this whole time?”
“What if he breaks my heart?”
These concerns are paralyzing

It’s everything about him
From his dreamy eyes and stunning smile
His gentlemen like personality that makes you blush
His funny personality
The way he is able to completely change your mood

Soon you come to terms with the idea of falling for someone
You see how this could work out
You see how much you have in common
And it all makes sense now

The ability to be you,

And let yourself fall.

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