Friday, May 12, 2017

"ReEXAMination" by Egdelwonk

In relaxation I lay, in complete silence, reviewing numerous lessons and subjects. I anxiously anticipate the gut wrenching, heartbreaking, and excruciating exam that lie ahead. Despite my calm demeanor and positive attitude, I am unthinkably nervous. One exam, lasting less than 24 hours, defining the knowledge I have consumed over a time period of an entire school year. Many doubt themselves, questioning the extent to which they appropriately and accurately consumed the vast knowledge spewing from their textbooks and teachers.

I prefer to put the exam in perspective, in a desperate attempt to alleviate the sometimes immense pressure. If, for a saddening reason, I fail the exam, will my future crumble and shatter into millions of pieces? No. I recommend viewing each exam in its temporary nature. However, you must prepare yourself to the best of your abilities. You must remain confident in yourself  following your best attempt to study the material you have been given. After giving your best in preparation, the rest is history. Whether you receive a stellar or shocking score will not define you as a human being. What defines you is how you adjust to your mistakes and build upon your successes. Questioning and improving upon weak scores displays strong character and the understanding that not all aspects of your life will go your way. Additionally, celebrating your successes only temporarily, and moving forward with a hard working mindset, is an important skill to attain in the development of a well rounded character. Thus, the build up and preparation for a test develops many strong qualities including self motivation, determination, and perseverance.

Many great test takers display their strongest characteristics before even writing their name on their test. However, after long studying sessions, the test must be taken. But don't panic. Taking a test requires a mindset. The acknowledgment of the reality that both failure and perfection are possibilities is vital. Many disregard the thought of failing an important exam and downplay its importance while others never give themselves a chance to succeed.

Promise yourself  that no matter what happens, before you submit your exam, that you have tried your best. After the completion of the exam, breathe. Leave it in the past. Think of the many possibilities the future has to offer you and fill your day with positivity. Tests and exams come and go. But life goes on. So, use tests in a positive light. Allow them to introduce you to both failure and success. Allow them to assist you in your growth in your preparation for many life tasks. Finally, allow them to reaffirm the bright and prosperous future that lies ahead.

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