Friday, January 17, 2014

"A Collection: Six word poems, and ideas that inspire them." by Midnight Oil

Inspired by

“Taking a break in a relationship.”
Please not “goodbye”
instead,“not now.”

“Every lie contains a bit of truth.” and “Every piece of writing contains a bit of its author.”
Writing is lying,
for honesty’s sake.

“Every struggle has a payoff.”
For every mountain,
a valley exists.

“Music connects people.”
Notes and tones,
are universally understood.

“If you fail, try again.”
A knockout punch
won’t kill ambition.

“Starving artist”
Trading Mona Lisa,
for an apple.

“Religious expression is discouraged in schools.”
Gods die
when the bell rings.

“The pressures put on teenagers and young adults.”
Gas under pressure
will eventually

“Don’t expect immediate success.”
Successful life:
currently out of stock.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
Only bankers can have

“College Applications”
Applying to the future,
past responds.

“Six word poems”
You have six words,

be insightful.

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