Friday, January 24, 2014

"A Show of Snow" by Holly

There are many colors to nature, ranging from dark to light,
but sometimes there comes a time of year when it all just fades to white.
Don’t take it wrong, it’s actually a fantastical and beautiful thing.
It’s the time of year when things grow cold after autumn and prior-spring.
There is the cold that comes aside it, which isn’t as easy to enjoy,
especially when it scratches the face of a younger girl or boy.
It piles up, gets into your shoes, and soaks your clothing to the core,
but after it’s melted and gone away we seem to want it more!
Yes, it’s cold, and yes, it’s damp, but it’s nature silent way
of saying, “I know I’m cold,
and I know I get old,
but please enjoy me while I stay.”
We may grow grumpy by its chill,
and impatient from weaker will,
but when you have the means to stay warm and cozy inside,
while the trees and bushes bow their heavy heads outside,
and we come to terms with how nature comes and goes,

let us just be patient and grateful for when it snows.

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