Friday, June 6, 2014

"Baby Steps" by Wesley Meeks

This whole experience is scary new.
Your life is changing and you’re not sure what to expect.
She’s small swaddled in pink and staring at you
And you know raising her will be your hardest test.

Now she can walk and talk and sing
She’s getting bigger and growing all the time.
You’re her hero, her best friend, her everything
But someday it won’t just be all nursery rhymes

Years go by and you’re always there
You teach her right from wrong.
Her burdens aren’t just hers to bear
And you nurture her and make her strong.

You comfort her in times of hardship
And rejoice in her success.
You instill in her patience, independence, and leadership
And assure her she is perfect even if she feels like a mess.

She’s now a young lady.
Under your guidance she came into her own.
She’s no longer just a baby
Just look at how much she has grown.

Her senior year has finally arrived.
Acceptance letters trickle in one by one.
High school is almost over now; she survived
And you are so proud of all she’s done.

But now it’s the day you’ve been dreading
 It has finally appeared.
All along this is where her life’s been heading.
She’s ready to leave home just like you’ve feared.

Leaving her is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do
And you try not to let that show.
You are scared to say goodbye – she is too.

But it’s time to let her go.

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