Friday, June 13, 2014

Six-Word Memoirs: 5th Period

Our six-word memoirs were inspired by this NPR article and Smith Magazine's Six-Word Memoir project. This year's six-word memoirs are posted along side last year's outside of room 203.

"Sharp Tongue, Dulled Consideration for Consequences."

"I've got curves. The bad kind."

"Risk the now, sore joints later."

"Overanalyzing anything that can be overanalyzed."

"Introverted narcissists. They really do exist."

"Little brother. Two words: devil child."

"Happy birthday! More unneeded art supplies."

"Running from responsibilities to stay active."

"Five minutes without my phone: painful."

"Got A's. Never tried. Now what?"

"Two working eyes; two working heads."

"Wasting time staring at the clock..."

"Strict parents raised a better liar."

"Always trying to prepare. Never enough."

"Give a raft, I'll still swim."

"Tragic news received in comic sans."

"Started watching yesterday. Season two already."

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