Friday, June 6, 2014

"The Colors of my Life" by Ann Onimous

Red is my war paint
The nail polish I wear
When I mean business.

Orange is the juice
I only have when on trips
No one else likes it.

Yellow is the sun
That taught me the lesson that
What you love can hurt.

Green is my back yard
Lush with clovers and hastas
And our maple tree.

Blue are the oceans
Atlantic and Pacific
I will cross again.

Purple is the bruise
From when I ran and I tripped
Remember caution.

Pink is the flower,
My hibiscus, which reminds
Me of Hawaii.

Brown is the chocolate
That fills my mouth with sweetness
As I share with friends.

Black is my old life
Faded away to nothing
With the girl I was.

White is my future
Nothing but a blank canvas

Waiting for colors.

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