Friday, June 13, 2014

Six-Word Memoirs: 6th Period

Our six-word memoirs were inspired by this NPR article and Smith Magazine's Six-Word Memoir project. This year's six-word memoirs are posted along side last year's outside of room 203.

"What I learned in school? Formulas."

"Singing when no one is looking."

"Reciting integral rules in my sleep."

"Truthfully, I belong in the '60's."

"Fashionably late...well, actually, extremely late."

"Could permanently reside on the beach!"

"At least my puns entertain me."

"Voice cracks, but I sing anyway."

"First, you have to love yourself."

"Pepper Spray for protection...sprayed myself."

"Speak softly. Can't find big stick."

"Extremely gay- yes, both definitions included."

"Gasoline-soaked backpack. Broken taillight."

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