Friday, February 3, 2017

"Dear Em" by Your Big Bro

Dear Em,

As you make your way through your remaining three years of high school, you will experience many pleasures as well as hardships that come with being a teenager. You have seen the ups and downs Molly and I have both experienced while trying to find ourselves and, as a parting gift, I wanted to share with you the hardest obstacle I have had to overcome; change. Change seems to be forced upon us and accepting change can be difficult. From small transitions, like having different teachers every year, to adjusting to major differences, like life in college; change is hard. I equate change with being different, and as teenagers that is scary.

Something as simple as getting my haircut made me feel vulnerable - like everyone noticed me. In the last two years I have learned to welcome change, which has helped me grow. It was a slow process, but it has made me stronger and more confident.  

The best advice I can give you is to welcome change and take chances. Switching from baseball to track was tough, but track allowed me to meet new people and on top of that, I worked hard, lost weight, and even got an award.

I can tell that change scares you too. If you can learn to embrace it, like I have, then it may be a catalyst for you to become more self-assured and outgoing. It may even be the best part about being a teenager for you too. We are both nervous about me leaving for college, but trust me, embracing this change will help us grow and become stronger. I hope that while I’m away you will learn to greet change with a smile because it can do wonders. I love you, Em.


Your Big Bro

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