Friday, February 3, 2017

"Revolution" by Emily_Fairy1432

Revolution. In history class, we hear about so many different revolutions that the word “revolution” isn’t given a second thought. Well, now that you’ve heard it so many times you’re probably thinking about it a little more. Now I have to beg the question, what does it really mean? According to, revolution is defined as “a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence,”. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to disagree with to a certain extent. I do believe Revolution can be a change in society, but I also believe it can be a change within an individual and can oftentimes be paired with no violence at all. Revolution, whether it’s within one’s self or within a society or nation, is difficult to uphold, can be used for good or bad, and most importantly of all, makes people stronger, makes a nation stronger, makes the world stronger - revolution is a heavy weight just waiting to be lifted.

You may often hear people say, “A big weight has been lifted off my chest”. This is exactly how America felt once the revolutionary war was over. They knew the revolution was something that needed to be done for the strength of the country, for the perseverance of the country, and for the existence of the country, but it was tough and it was a long and enduring process. During the time period of the Revolutionary war, there was a man named Benjamin Franklin. Franklin is most known for his experiments with electricity, one in particular involving a kite and a key. Other than his incredible discovery of electricity, Franklin wrote a guide, per say, of how to live a full and pure life. He wrote of thirteen virtues one must possess to truly live the way one is supposed to. This “guide” revolutionized himself and lifted the weight of living immorally off his chest. Franklin could be considered one of the faces of revolution.

One may often even compare lifting a weight in a gym to revolution. It takes a lot of effort and may hurt at first, but in then end it makes the individual stronger and more prepared to attempt the next heaviest weight.

Everyone has had some type of hardship in their lives, a weight on their chests that they feel like they just can’t lift. Personally, I have had to try to lift one of the greatest weights anyone could have to lift and it’s a pain I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. When my father died, it felt as if the entire world was crumbling down and falling on top of me piece by piece. He was more than just me father, he was my mentor, my coach, and my inspiration. The man who was supposedly always going to be by my side to help me through anything and everything I needed no longer was. Everything changed the minute I woke up and he didn’t. My future changed, my mom’s future changed, and his future sure as hell changed. Even though it was the worst thing that could ever possibly happen to me, I had to learn to change myself and my lifestyle to get through this. Now, three and a half years later, I am stronger. Have I completely gotten over it? No. How could I? But piece by piece I am lifting this weight off my shoulders and revolutionizing myself and my life

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