Friday, February 17, 2017

"Who Wants to Go for a Walk?" by Wayne Bow

Lexie and I started out
The sun was rising just above the jagged tree line
The pink and orange sky looked like explosions frozen in the sky
We walked on the cracked and icy path into the woods
The snow of the previous night made everything look like it was covered in powdered sugar
The something came over Lexie and she laid down in the snow and refused to get up
“Why now?” “Why me?”
A gale of wind chilled my bones
I begged and I pleaded, I pushed and I pulled
I felt cold, really cold. The full essence of the word. Nothing in my body felt over 32 degrees
Out of the blue, a stick cracked in the void of the woods
Lexie’s legs slowly began to extend
Her ears perked up and her eyes zeroed in on the noise like a submarine hunting a warship
Crack, crunch, crack, crunch, crack, crunch, crack, crunch
I knew what was about to happen
I dropped the leash
I watched her charge forward
For a second I forgot we were walking and that she was my dog. I was just watching the pure instinct
The beauty of nature and how she worked
I came back to my senses and I walked forward to Lexie starring up a tree
Picking up the wet snowy leash in my near forst bitten hands made them begin to smart and burn
We were off again
I led her through the dormant trees and the pure white surrounding us get me a feeling that I was in heaven or a higher place
Everywhere it was all white
I felt like Dumbledore was going to appear
Another gust of wind ripped through the trees
Tears dripped down my eyes and froze on my jacket
Seemingly oblivious Lexie walked with her head high
Nothing nature could throw at her would defeat her spirit
I saw the light at the end of the woods
Finally the end
I picked up my pace
All the air rushed out of my lungs
I couldn’t breath
Tears rushed from my eyes
Pain erupted on my bottom
Everything was leaving me
Just then I felt something cold and wet on my cheek
I blinked the saturation from my eyes and saw a black nose and a golden face staring at me
I lifted off the ground
The next 5 minutes felt like a blur
Lexie led me down the hill past the suburban houses covered in snow
The sun bounced off the snow into my eyes
A yellow tint filled my eyes
All of the sudden I found myself grabbing the door handle
The heat overcame me with a feeling that I have never felt since

I looked at Lexie and I knew that I would have to go back out there

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