Friday, May 24, 2013

"Growing Pains" by The Weeks Review

"Oh that’s your SAT score?
That’s pretty low…"
"You’re in a lot of clubs, that’s great!
But you don’t have a leadership role."
"You’re lazy, you’re spoiled
and you haven’t faced any struggles or strife."
I’m only seventeen!
What do you expect me to do with my life!

They say put your best foot forward.
That there is no secret to getting in
but my foot can’t nearly be as good as everyone else sending in an application!
They say be yourself.
Diversity is key.
But I don’t feel very different.
Everyone around here is kind of similar to me!
I do well in school
and  I have never gotten a C.
But you seem like the type of university that wants all A’s
and I have gotten a B.
I’m trying really hard to sell myself to you
and I am aiming to impress
but my tummy is churning, I’m pulling my hair, I can’t handle all this stress!
You look at my SAT’s and at all of my grades!
My ACTs, my Subject SATs, my extra curriculars, and my GPA!

I can’t be soothed until my applications are finished
and letters of acceptance are sent.
So far in my entire life,
These are by far the worst growing pains I have experienced yet.

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