Friday, May 31, 2013

"Through the Woods" by The Weeks Review

I sprinted through the woods as fast as I could. Nearly out of breath I took a quick sharp turn to my right accidentally causing branches to scratch my arms leaving small, red, angry marks on them. I could feel the sweat slowly trickle down my neck as well as the sensation of heavy, overbearing eyes on my back. I complied with my urge of quickly looking back and taking a glance to see if I could spot my pursuer and saw nothing; the only sign that I was being followed was the loud sound of fallen leaves and twigs crunching beneath his feet behind me. Should I take a left, which would lead me to the creek where I could hide under the old, creaky, wooden bridge? Or should I turn right which would lead me to a small meadow with tall grass and wild flowers that could offer me perfect coverage from my follower? Turning slightly to the left I followed the small dirt trail down to the creek running past bushes and trees.
Clumsily stumbling down the steep path and nearly tripping over a tree’s root I reached my destination. To prevent falling I steadily slid down the creek’s bank feeling the long grass tickling my legs until my feet were gently eased into the cool waters. My heart was beating fast; a quick and steady thump that I could feel through my chest. I quietly crouched under the rickety bridge feeling the creeks shallow water gently sneak by my toes and lick the top of my ankles through my sandals. My cheeks were flushed and my breaths were deep and loud as I quickly gasped for air.  Suddenly the sound of heavy footsteps creaking over the bridge filled my ears as he passed by. “You can’t outrun me!” he shouted, “I’m gonna find you.” He jogged across the bridge and I could no longer hear him. I decided to stumble up the banks of the creeks and double back through the woods to see if I could escape my chaser. Darting thorough the trees I heard a laugh behind me “See you again!” I heard him shriek. I sprinted as fast as I could trying to avoid tripping over tree roots or running into low branches that were sticking out from the trees. I was almost out of the woods and could see the back of my house when I felt a hand grab my shoulders.”
“Tag you’re it!” my brother yelled in my ears while he giggled. He ran past the swing set and into the front yard when I saw my neighbor hiding behind one of the trees. She began to run and I started to chase after her sprinting through the woods as fast as I could.

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