Friday, May 24, 2013

"Where I'm From" by Bartholomew Stewart

I’m from aluminum, from acetone, and Go-Jo
I’m from a big school in a small town.
I’m from wood shavings, and steel filings,
Whose sharp edges bite into my skin.

I’m from bright lights on Friday nights,
And big red mats on Wednesday nights.
I’m from scorching hot turf,
And ice-cold Gatorade.
I’m from sweaty practices,
And six minute matches.
I’m from “Sit down and shut up!”
I’m from “Get up and get loud!”

I’m from warm bagels on Monday mornings.
I’m from fried chicken on Sunday nights.
I’m from a room full of Lego bricks, G.I. Joe’s, and Transformers.
I’m from a room full of iron, dreams, and hope.
I’m from sore legs, and a bathtub full of ice, and Epsom salt.
I’m from long days, and longer nights.

I’m from big dreams, and bigger goals.

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