Friday, May 24, 2013

Les Chocolatemongers de 4th Period

Note: This exercise was inspired by this article in the New York Times' Dining and Wine Section.

York Peppermint Patties- Patrick Oh Brien

There’s a man with dark skin and a sharp jawline and he turns to you and asks in an accent as thick as his hair, “Would you like a kitten?” You’re sure that, had there been ‘r’s in the sentence, he would have rolled them right off a high cliff and into a ditch full of fresh, clean cotton and a crisp, sunshiney breeze. His voice washes over you in waves of ambience, filling up the hollow spaces of your soul with new snow and Beethoven.
You nod; yes, yes, of course, you’d love a kitten. He smiles, teeth so blindingly white you have to shield your eyes from the glory, lest the sheer force of your awe strike you unseeing. He reaches behind his broad back and reveals with a flourish the smallest, fluffiest kitten you have ever seen in the whole history of your entire sad existence. The light catches in her fur, haloing her sweet face as she sits dwarfed in his hand. Tiny paws are cold and baby-smooth on the skin of your forearm when he eases the grey tabby with the weak, high mews into your arms and you’re winded –breathless with her crystalline blue eyes and the soft, steely silver of her fur. A small whimper trembles off your lips as she mewls softly for your affection. This is the greatest moment of your life. This is York Peppermint Patty.

Milky Way- Tom Bombadil

The galaxy is so big, and the Earth is so small, yet you will find yourself at the center of the universe.  The universe transforms into the most eloquent mansion in the center of paradise where beautiful dancers sway to the sounds of birds singing in the branches.  Those birds, beautiful, pure, and innocent, fly you away to a world of pure imagination.  Your mind creates a new universe where you are the epicenter, the center, the focus.  Milky Ways are not merely a candy, but a galaxy waiting to be discovered.

Snickers- Katniss

The spotlight illuminates you and your dance partner; it is like you are the only two in the room. You notice her dress is smooth and simply patterned just to add a bit of texture. With her heels she is long and inviting, but without them, she is short and cute. The deeper you get into a conversation you realize how hard is to pull away from her; you are stuck because she has her arms around you. Snickers chocolate will leave you wanting more, with its delectable layers of peanuts and caramel, who could have guessed what the smooth chocolate layer was hiding.

CRUNCH Bars- Lt. Dan

Imagine you are flying over a vast, dark colored field, next to the ocean on a warm spring day. It is also filled with little yellow air geysers which are popping all around you, giving you cool blasts of air. Some of the geysers are bigger than others, and give off bigger gusts. There is also a light sprinkle freshening up the field below.  When the raindrops collide with your flying figure, it sounds like a crunch, but feels like a gentle massage.

M&Ms- El Suenador

The familiar music escalates. The indestructible hat comes into view. The whip goes Crack! Suddenly the thick jungle is unleashed with smooth flowing waterfalls.  Indiana Jones and the M & M experience. The credits rolling, the hollow bag staring you in the face with your heart pounding and begging for just one more.
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Snickers- Forrest Gump
Think of this chocolate bar as the Dalai Lama of candy. Join him on a mission to achieve chocolate ecstasy. This chocolate bar is so nutty it makes Einstein seem normal. The refined taste of the creamy chocolate will tempt you to indulge. Enjoy the exquisiteness of the creamy chocolate as it takes you to a dream world of magic.

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