Friday, October 18, 2013

"Desire" by Mr. Ret S. Im


A billion waves of energy lie dormant, their color a sullen brown.

A sudden light.

The waves rear up, their brilliant yellow chasing away the darkness within.

The light intensifies.

The waves speed through the air, daring to hope that they might know something other than darkness.

Then there is darkness.

The waves slow, not out of despair, but in the way a cat slows before pouncing. Their bright red colors are muted so as not to give them away.

The darkness is uneasy.

They will not give up. They deserve the right to the light.

The darkness knows it has messed up.


With a determination honed by the want for more, the energy rear once more, their bright red colors creating a light that nothing can take away.

Could it be possible that the darkness cringed, cringed in the face of these beings?

Relentless. They beat away at the darkness, relentless. They fight for their very souls. What could stand against them?


The darkness gives way, showering upon the waves nothing more than the world.

Yet it is all they need.

Such is man.

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