Friday, March 14, 2014

"Bluebells and Tulips" by J-Story

Springtime.  The time of renewal and freshness. The buds of the annual flowers are in bloom. Beautiful white doves and Goldfinches take flight above the colorful gardens of the world and many of us sit back to take in the fresh air. The sky is a gorgeous light blue with white, puffy clouds lazily drifting along with the breeze.
Church bells ring, and frighten the delicate birds from their places among the green leaves and rich gardens. Their flights remind us of the new world that has begun this year. It is time for the world to heal and forget. Time for us to enjoy the fruits of wonder and success rather than drown ourselves in a bleak world of black. Now, renewed in strength and happiness, is our time. May the children of the world rejoice in the fresh new world and celebrate it’s rebirth! We shall forever hold those of past in hearts and minds but let us remember that we still live to love and live. Look towards the future this new world holds in store for us.

Peace and harmony reign among the lusty gardens that dot the landscape. May man find tranquility in knowing this. Let them conform to a mindset of peace but let them sculpt their futures and the future of the earth from beauty to magnificence. Let us praise what we are given and remind ourselves that what we are given no matter how small, can become something fantastic and awe inspiring. 

Even the simplest creatures can comprehend the magnitude that a new change gives to a creature. They, the creatures of this planet, take advantage. New fawns and chicks spread out among the green forests and lush gardens. Their children give us a reminder that life goes on. Why is it that we forget that all of us deserve a chance at self renewal, especially given that  we live longer lives. Yet to us we take that for granted and we move too fast. Give yourself a chance to walk through the spring gardens life provides for us, breathe the air of renewal and live again.

Try new things, make friends, remind yourself that you have a new chance. Old problems have melted with the winter snow, the memories of old blew away with the winds of fall. Find and experience love. Never allow yourself to be lonely when life is so ‘short’. Perhaps, maybe even one day, you will find yourself once again out among the tulips and bluebells of spring. And remember that vow you made to yourself ages ago: to change like the seasons. And now among the bluebells and tulips, you are no longer alone, but instead accompanied by the friends you have made, and the love you have discovered. As the doves and finches fly away, to the ringing of church bells.

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